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You are very interested in secretary duties and want to know a little more about this interesting role full of responsibilities? If you are communicative and have strong organizational, interpersonal and time management skills; if you love working in team and solving problems it could be excellent career path for you. Read more about secretary job description and figure out if you are really kind of person who will enjoy working in this area.

What is a secretary's job do? It greatly varies depending of an area, but one thing is sure - there are always many administrative and clerical tasks. For example, secretary should create official record of the meeting and at the same time make sure notes are clear and accurate. Job of a secretary actually includes greeting customers and maintains their confidence, making arrangements for the meeting, preparing all what is necessary for this happening (chairs, badges with names, refreshments, spare copies of papers…) and sending out notes after it in timely manner. Also, there could be some printing documents and using software packages. In some cases, it is very similar to personal assistant’s role.

Medical Secretary

If you want to become medical secretary in toronto, there will be more specific duties. One of the biggest parts of this job role is scheduling and confirming patient’s appointments. There will also be surgeries, consultations, lab tests and meetings for physician, so medical secretary should take care not to overload the agenda. Also, medical secretary arrange hospital admissions, greets visitors, screens mails, messages and phone calls, compiles medical charts, manages databases, provides different kinds of medical reports and patient’s history and maintains office files, supplies and calendar. Be prepared to often provide administrative support for medical research and ensure medical samples are properly labeled as well.

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Legal secretary

However, if you are seeking for legal secretary jobs, you have to know that this role includes representing attorney in communication with clients and maintaining his or her calendar. Don’t forget organizing conferences, arranging appointments, reading and researching legal documents, etc. Legal secretary should also coordinate court dates, transcribe court proceedings, prepare expense reports, collect and analyze information and record discussions during the meeting. Attending trials and communicating with partners, witnesses, clients and colleagues will be part of your day on work, too.

Administrative secretary

Administrative secretary jobs are the best fit for you? Administrative secretary often performs data entry, prepares payment of claims report data, maintains large number of logs and files, monitors departmental supplies and materials, transcribes dictation and distributes mails. The one who really wants this position must be ready to handle correspondences, prepare purchase reports and timekeeping information, maintains budgets, coordinates activities of a department project, compose letters, answer phone and so on. Also, this role could include verifying material for completeness and accuracy and supervising student or clerical staff.

School secretary

If you dream of becoming the school secretary you may expect to provide administrative support for the principal, track attendance and absences, prepare materials for workshops and purchase orders. School secretary often communicates with students and parents, prioritizes workloads, maintains financial records, proofreads, edit, processes forms…You may also assist in process of registering new students, reconcile accounts, fill spreadsheets and purchase departmental resources. Have in mind that salaries in public and private schools can be different.

The world of secretary

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The salary of secretary

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Want to build successful career in your home town or move to another province? No problem. On this site you can browse either by provinces or cities – there are 13 Canadian territories and 20 biggest cities you can choose from. Customize your search and decide if you are interested in legal secretary jobs, administrative secretary jobs, school secretary jobs or medical secretary jobs. Click on the link and find out everything about requirements, qualifications, duties, secretary salary and way of applying. It is possible to mark off fresh job openings by using one filter – pick between 24 hours, 2, 7, 14 or 30 days old job vacancies. Don’t forget to subscribe to email alert and make your job search even easier. This employment site is very useful not just for workers, but for their employers too. If you need new stuff for your company feel free to use the possibility to post job requirements for certain open position. Contact form is here for everyone who wants to comment or ask anything about this employment site. Even if it is excellent, good suggestions can always improve it.

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